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We know how messy food logistics can be. This is what we want to change. Our fliit platform enables you to simply select carriers from our wide network. Manage and optimize all transports centrally within one interface, while we ensure seamless execution. So you don’t have to worry anymore.

How it works

Create profile. Contact our sales team and provide us with your general information to create requests quickly

Create transport request. Inform us on times, locations, delivery amount and special requirements for regular deliveries or spontaneous needs

Receive offer. We search the perfect carrier for you from our broad network of specialized carriers and instantly suggest the price

Provide details. Inform us on exact pick up and drop of locations so we can communicate everything to the driver

Lean back. We take it from here and make sure everything is delivered as requested. We solve any incidents before you can even start stressing

Track transport and documentation. Follow the progress of your delivery. Monitor proof of delivery, delivery time, temperature, and other KPIs

What our shippers say

The fliit team is very responsive to individual requests and works reliably and quickly - the perfect logistics partner for our startup requirements.

The Food Place

fliit is the perfect complement to our logistics fleet. Even specific problems are solved on-point. We look forward to further projects.


It’s a true pleasure working with fliit from their reliable pick-up to their seamless delivery to handling tricky situations - this is what a customer-facing service looks like!


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