About Us!

About Us!

Our goal is to change the food sector in a sustainable way!

We are a young and diverse team with years of industry experience, founded with the ambition to change the logistics industry in Germany and worldwide. Our goal is to make food logistics simple and efficient, while providing shippers and carriers with security. We have built a platform that connects shippers and carriers with each other to enable optimal capacity utilisation, increased flexibility and transparency. We ensure transparency and performance by providing access to dashboards with tracking of all key KPIs. In this way, we provide our customers with a centralised integration that enables them to effortlessly manage their logistics and maximise their operational performance.

Flavio Alario, CEO

Hi I am Flavio, Founder of fliit

I love logistics! I have spent the 16 years of my working life in logistics, especially at DHL, where I implemented Packstation and other exciting projects. fliit combines everything I learned there and applies it to the Champions League of logistics: food logistics. I think that logistics can definitely be fun, help companies grow, solve problems, be stress-free and should be much more concerned with the real rock stars of logistics: the transport companies and drivers. And that is exactly why Nils and I founded fliit: To build the best platform for food logistics with the best transport companies that conscientiously supports retailers and manufacturers in transporting their products.


9. July 2017


fliit wurde im Jahr 2016 als B2C Logistikplatform gegründet.

19. February 2018

Beginn B2B Auslieferung

Ausweitung den B2C Netzwerks um B2B Auslieferung.

23. March 2020

Series A

fliit schließt eine Series A über 10 Mio € mit Maersk & Alstin Capital als Lead Investoren ab

13. May 2020

Eröffnung Zweigstelle Riga

Zur Ausweitung des europaweiten Linehaul Netzwerks eröffnet fliit eine Zweigstelle in Riga

Out Management Team

Jan Hoberg


Thomas Ertel


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