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Who is fliit?

We are in the process of democratising the food industry. By connecting food producers with retailers and restaurants around the world through an efficient logistics network. We are in the middle of a secular transformation of the food ecosystem, where modern retailers and new platforms are driving the enormous disintermediation of the sector. Look, a few years ago (and in most cases still today) a farmer in southern Europe sold his products to a regional buyer who stored his products in a warehouse together with the products of other farmers. This aggregator would sell to a larger player, who would then sell to an exporter, who would sell to an importer via a sales agent. Confused? Wait. The importer would sell to a large national wholesaler who would then sell to a smaller regional wholesaler who would finally sell to a restaurant. On average, 50 - 90% of the value is in this intermediary chain. To put it bluntly, the food sector looks like the offline retail sector before Amazon. fliit is here to change that. And we want to do something not just a little bit better, but change the world. Given the purpose of food and the complexity of logistics, this is a great mission, but not an easy one.


Why fliit?

Make the difference

Your work is a key contribution to our way to revolutionise the global transport logistics market

Start-Up Spirit

Benefit from the speed and agility of a high growth start-up

Attractive salary

We offer attractive salaries based on your profile and previous experience

Development opportunities

You are part of a start-up with a relaxed working atmosphere and flat hierarchies, in which you can develop freely from day one

Great team

Celebrating success and a friendly and warm environment - just ask our office dogs! 🙂

The usual stuff

Fruit, drinks, an activity room to relieve stress, and many other social activities

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