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What do I need to work with fliit?

You need a driver, a vehicle that fits the transportation request, and a firm.

Do I need an own vehicle to work with fliit?

Yes, you do need one or more vehicles and you need to be self-employed or have your own company.

Do I need to be self-employed?

Yes, you do. We only work with self-employed drivers or companies.

What type of vehicle do I need to drive for fliit?

We typically require chilled vehicles of all size from Caddy to 40 tons. However, in some occasions other vehicle types can be suitable, too. In doubt, feel free to contact us to find out whether your vehicle may fit certain requests.

Do you also broker jobs for vehicles without refridgeration?

Yes, some food transports are executed dry, too. However, our focus remains with temperature-controlled transports.

Do I need to provide a minimum capacity for a job?

No, we receive very different requests from our shippers, sometimes only for single boxes, EPALs, or roll cages.

Must my driver be able to speak German?

For some jobs drivers must speak German, but not for all. We will inform you about the specific requests of a job. You can also contact us with your questions at +49 (0) 30 56 839 558 or


What exactly is fliit doing?

fliit is a platform for food logistics. We receive offers from businesses in the food sector including wholesalers, restaurants, restaurant chains, retailers, or producers and distribute those to the transportation firms that are connected to our platform.

What are the advantages of working with fliit?

With fliit you can simply fill free capacities of your vehicle. We find suitable partners from the food sector with transportation needs for you, without any additional effort for you. Moreover, we guarantee quick payment, help to optimize and organize your jobs and tours with our algorithms, and allow quick, easy and direct handling of administratives such as POD transfer.

Can you fill the capacities of my vehicle completely and at all times?

Depending on existing transportation requests complete utilization of your truck is possible. We always support you to increase capacity utilization by providing you with requests that fit your existing jobs.

How long is the contract duration with fliit? Can I and my employees be employed the whole year.

As soon as you are registered on fliit, you will constantly receive offers throughout the whole year and can freely select those that suit you. The duration of those jobs varies. Most jobs are unlimited, others are limited in duration.

Are there any costs related to joining fliit?

No, there aren’t. Our services including the platform, our dispatch and support are free of charge.

Am I bound to fliit?

No, you remain flexible. You can still drive your usual jobs or accept new ones outside of the platform. The platform only helps you to easily receive further jobs and organize your activities.

How do I dispatch the offers I receive via fliit?

We create and transmit all tours in time. We are also happy to optimize your complete tours so you can create even more revenue within less time and reduce your planning effort.

Do I have to plan my tours myself?

No. fliit is taking care of your tour planning and can adapt them based on special needs. We communicate the tour plan in time and you can contact us at +49 (0) 152 384 903 61 in case of questions or problems.

Who is my contact at fliit?

Our dispatching team is your first everyday contact in case of questions or issues. Further you receive a personal contact who supports you during the whole collaboration. Contact this person to talk about issues concerning current projects and new jobs as well as to ask any open questions.

How can I reach out to fliit if there is the problem during the transport?

In case of incidents during your transport you can call our dispatch at +49 (0) 152 384 903 61. They will immediately engage in solving the issue or to find an alternative.

Do I need an EU license?

Yes, all our carriers must have an EU license.

Do I need any licenses to work with fliit?

Yes, you definitely need a EU license. Further, you should have an IFS license or any comparable license.

Will my data be transmitted to third parties?

All data that we receive and collect from you will only be used to process and complete your requests and demanded services. That means your data will neither be sold nor leased to third parties or be provided for third party use for advertising or market research.


When is fliit paying my invoice?

We pay invoices within 14 days. However, usually you will receive your money within a few days after we receive your invoice.

Is fliit paying a flat rate?

No, we usually calculate per hour, stop or vehicle and document your working time per app. We rarely work with flat rates.

How it works

Create profile. Enter information about your location and fleet to receive relevant transport suggestions

Select jobs. Our platform gives you access to all transportation requests of our shipper partners within one system. Choose those that fit you and your plans best

Optimize tour. Spare long manual planning and use our optimization tool to organize your tours and fulfill stops more efficiently

Simply drive. Open our app to view your routes and details to all jobs. We take care of the rest so you can fully focus on

Transmit data. Use the app to automatically transfer relevant data and directly upload proof of delivery

Receive payment. Receive your payment quickly within a few days after all information is completed

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